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Download Anope IRC Services 2.0.2


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  • Register nicknames to prevent others from stealing their nickname and many other services

    Whats new in version 2.0.2:

    • Use an account style system instead of the old NSNickTracking option, which allows you to stay logged in no matter what nick you are on.
    • Fantasy support for all commands.
    • Can assign core pseudo clients (such as ChanServ) to channels.
    • A built in web panel.
    • Persistent channels, which allows services bots to stay in empty channels.
    • Channel passwords replaced with founder level access (QOP, or the FOUNDER access level).
    • OWNER access levels added, defaults to access level 9999.
    • The option to use a flags based channel access system.
    • Ability to authenticate via SSL certificates
    • Autojoin channels on authentication (ns_ajoin)
    • Significantly more advanced logging system, choose what is logged and where it is logged.
    • Support for other optional database backends, such as SQL and Redis.
    • Granular command configuration. Configure which command is on what service, what it's called, and who can use it.
    • Configurable opertypes, which allows defining new services operator levels (Root, Admin, Oper, etc.)...

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